Seth Pyrzynski


Award-Winning, Global Event Production Director, Director of Events, Executive Producer, Live Operations Director, Product Manager, Creative Event Producer & Competitive Gaming Professional w/ 20+ years dedicated to underground culture, event design, production, live broadcast, gaming, strategic game theory, and esports.

Committed to creating exceptional immersive media experiences for Web3.0 and global gaming communities. Looking toward the convergence of the IRL and the Virtual world. Futurist, XR, AR, VR, AI, Machine Learning, Web3.0 Ecosystem Development

NFT Strategic Development.
Achieved 22% under budget reconciliation for BlizzCon 2019–2021, demonstrating operational cost savings and financial efficiency.

Reduced production costs by 35% for remote summit broadcasts, resulting in significant budget savings.

Generated $3,375,000 million in new revenue by implementing premium product add-ons for BlizzCon attendees.

Realized a 25% reduction in operational costs on a 14MM Euro AOP Budget by effective budget forecasting and expense management at Riot Games.